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Synonyms for ligamentum capitis femoris (LCF) in English
Synonyms for LCF Sources
round ligament 2009FrandsonRD_FailsAD
round ligament of the hip joint 1953RookFW; 1999ThurstonAJ;
ligament of head of femur 2013FIPAT
ligament of the head of the femur 1988CrelinES;
ligament of the femoral head 2009FrandsonRD_FailsAD
ligamentum teres of the hip joint 1957Singer;
ligamentum of head of femur 2005KonstantinidisG
round ligamentum of femur 2005KonstantinidisG
connecting sinew 2020ArkhipovSV_ProlyginaIV
connective sinew 2020ArkhipovSV_ProlyginaIV
ligament 1886AdamsF; 2020ArkhipovSV_ProlyginaIV
inter-articular ligament 1857TurnerW; 1874SavoryWS
suspensory ligament 1857TurnerW; 1874SavoryWS
cartilaginous sinew 1956SingerCJ
strongest ligament 2020ArkhipovSV_ProlyginaIV
ligament of the hip 2020ArkhipovSV_ProlyginaIV
sinew 2020ArkhipovSV_ProlyginaIV
round ligament



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2020ArkhipovSV_ProlyginaIV MLTJ

2020ArkhipovSV_ProlyginaIV PDF



lig. capitis femoris FIPAT

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