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Osteology and syndesmology


Quote 1. p. 76.

«The Cotyloid Lig't., or Cartilage, surmounts the edge of the Acetabulum except where it is broken by the Notch. This ligament simply deepens the cavity. The centre of the Acetabulum, by a rough area, the Cotyloid Fossa, attaches the Ligamentum Teres.»

Quote 2. p. 79.

«Slightly more than a half sphere in shape. An articular surface for the Acetabulum occupies it, except at a fossa which attaches the Ligamentum Teres.»

Quote 3. p. 86.

«Two connect the bones. They are :»
«1. Ligamentum Teres: — Weak. Passes between the centre of the Acetabulum and the oval fossa upon the Head of the Femur. It lies outside the synovial membrane.»


Quote 1. Quote 2. Quote 3.


Quote 1. Quote 2. Quote 3.


  • Sutton HA, Drinker CK. Osteology and syndesmology. Philadelphia: P. Blakison’s son & Co, 1910.

Authors & Affiliations

  • Howard Anderson Sutton : a anatomist and surgeon, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Cecil Kent Drinker (1887 - 1956) was an physician and founder of the Harvard School of Public Health. Drinker CK wikipedia

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